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Frequently Asked Questions

File Preparation and Troubleshooting

  What is bleed?  Back to Top

A bleed is when an image extends beyond the trim edge of the product. If your image is not white on all four sides, you MUST include bleeds in your files. Add 1/8” (.125”) to each side of the file. For example, for a 2” x 3.5” business card with full bleed, the image size should be submitted at 2.25” x 3.75”

Get a Product Template to start your design with these guidelines.

For more information about Template Guidelines, Click Here.


  Where do I upload my files?  Back to Top

Files can be uploaded through our website after an order has been placed. If you select to upload files later, you may do so by going to the “My Account” page and clicking on your order number.


  Do you accept Publisher or Word Document files?  Back to Top

We do not accept native Publisher or Word Document files. However, we have instructions on how to convert your Publisher 2007 files into a format we can accept on our Preparing Your Files section. For older versions of Publisher or word documents, there are several FREE utilities such as Primo PDF, which allow you to create a PDF document from these applications (or ANY other application). When creating the PDF, please adhere to Alpha Press, Inc. PDF guidelines. You may then upload this PDF to us for printing.


  Can I write on UV coating?  Back to Top

UV coating cannot be written on. However, we do offer a matte coating on several products which is writeable.


  How do I know if the correct file has been uploaded?  Back to Top

The only way to be certain you’ve uploaded the correct file is by double checking the file name prior to uploading the artwork. You will be asked to upload your files after the order has been placed. Once the upload has completed successfully, you can view the file name at the receipt page to confirm you’ve uploaded the proper file


  What is safe area?  Back to Top

Safe area is the 1/8” margin that we require between the trim line and the text closest to the trim line.

Get a Product Template to start your design with these guidelines.

For more information about Template Guidelines, Click Here.


  What type of files do you accept?  Back to Top

Artwork must be submitted in one of the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai),  Adobe Photoshop (.tif, .jpeg, .psd), Adobe Acrobat

Visit our File Preparation Help Center for more info.


  Do I need to use a product template?  Back to Top

Although it is not required, we encourage you to use our templates as this may prevent delays in processing your files.  These templates include guidelines for bleed and safe area.

We have also included the on-line designer on every product.  Please note:  it is your responsibility to check the spelling and pictures of what is submitted.  Alpha Press, Inc. is not responsible for client submitting copy righted material.

Download a Product Template to start your design with helpful guidelines.  For more information about these template guidelines, Click Here


  Do you have an FTP site for uploads?  Back to Top

No.  Once you have placed your order, you can upload the artwork via our website.


  How do I know if your graphics department will set up double sided artwork correctly?  Back to Top

You must upload artwork so that the finished piece backs up correctly.  On two sided work, the head of one side backs up to the head of the other side.  The head of a page is defined by the top of the rendered proof and the bottom is called the foot.

For folded products, we create a mock up prior to approving the job to ensure the artwork is set up correctly.  On jobs where the orientation is not so obvious, please describe how it should back up in the order notes.

For animated examples of how to rotate and orient your artwork, please refer to our:



  What is CMYK?  Back to Top

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.  This is the industry standard process colors used in full color offset printing.  The combination of these four colors can produce a wide spectrum of colors.  Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow combine to create color, while Black is used to change the shade of color. 

Additional information about color can be found on the following page:



  What is RGB?  Back to Top

RGB stands for Red, Green, & Blue.  These are most commonly used with web design, television screens and monitors but are not used in offset printing.  RGB files should be converted to CMYK prior to uploading.  Colors may need to be adjusted after the conversion and may not appear correct on your monitor.

 Additional information about color can be found on the following page:


  What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?  Back to Top

We recommend uploading files no larger than 50MB.  To reduce your file size, you can "zip" or "stuff" them.


  Do you archive files?  Back to Top

We can not guarantee your files will be archived for more than 90 days, we do make an attempt to store all client files.  At Alpha Press, Inc. discretion, we may remove files from our servers at any time.  It is recommended that you maintain a copy of all your files.  If you wish to re-order a specific project, please use our "re-order" tool available through "My Account" section.  A preview of your previous files may be available through this tool.


  What if my file is missing fonts?  Back to Top

If your job has been placed on "Hold", and a message states that your file is missing fonts, it may be possible to provide us the font file you used in your design.  However, in most cases we require that you convert your text to outlines before uploading your files.

For more information about submitting your files, please visit our File Preparation Help Center


  Why should I convert my text to outlines?  Back to Top

Converting your text to outlines is the most effective way to ensure your typefaces look exactly as you designed them.  Once your text has been converted to outlines, it can no longer be typeset like standard text layers, so be sure to save your source files accordingly.

For detailed instructions on converting your text to outlines, or to find out if it is necessary for your file type please visit our File Preparation Help Center


  What are print-ready files?  Back to Top

Print-ready files are files that adhere to Alpha Press, Inc. submission requirements

Your Order

  How can I check the status of my order?  Back to Top

You can check your order status by going to our website and clicking on the green order status tab on the home page of our website. You will be asked to enter your order/job number and order billing zip code or the email address and password that is listed on the account.


  What if I found a mistake in the artwork?  Back to Top

As a customer, you are responsible for the accuracy of your artwork. You are encouraged to carefully inspect the positioning, copy, and design elements in your art files before submitting them to us. Ordering a PDF or Hard Copy Proof affords you the opportunity to check for errors you wish to correct in your files prior to production.


  Can my graphic designer upload files for me?  Back to Top

Yes. We’ve provided a tool that allows your designer to upload files to your order/job using only the order/job number and billing zip code. Simply have your designer visit our website and click the green “Order Status” button.


  Can I upload my files before printing an order?  Back to Top

All files uploaded need to be associated with an order number, and therefore can not be uploaded prior to placing the order


  How can I cancel my order?  Back to Top

A request to cancel should be done by phone to prevent the job from moving forward in the production process.  Cancelled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation.  Due to company policies, you may only cancel an order without incurring additional fees prior to the approval of artwork.  All requests for cancellations after a PDF proof, Hard Copy proof, or the approval of the artwork are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of 15%.   No refunds will be given for orders cancelled after the plating process.

Payment Options

  Can I pay by check?  Back to Top

Yes, we can accept payment by check. However, this process takes much longer than a credit card transaction. If you prefer to pay by check, you must mail in a completed order form including payment and print ready artwork. Once we receive the order it will be submitted but remain “On Hold” until the check clears with the bank. After the check has cleared, the standard turnaround time will apply.

Shipping and Turnaround Time

  When does my turnaround time begin?  Back to Top

Turnaround time for a print job where a PDF or Hard Copy proof is selected begins once the proof has been approved by you. If you did not select a PDF or a Hard Copy proof, turnaround time begins once your file is uploaded. If you approve your job by 8:30AM  Eastern Standard Time, turnaround time begins that business day. Also note that if we are unable to print your files because they do not conform to Alpha Press, Inc. file requirements, your job status will be put “On Hold” and your turnaround time will be reset.

Please visit our Turnaround page for more information.


  Does my turnaround include shipping?  Back to Top

Turnaround time represents the business days required to produce the approved artwork. Shipping is based off the method selected at the time the order was placed, and is not included in the turnaround estimate.


  What shipping options do you offer?  Back to Top

Our primary method of shipping is via Federal Express


  When will my job be complete?  Back to Top

Turnaround time varies with each product and begins once the submitted artwork has been approved.  If no proof is requested, turnaround time begins the next business day if ordered before 8:30AM Eastern Standard Time.  For additional information visit the turnaround section on our website

Where are you located?

  Where are you located?  Back to Top

Alpha Press, Inc. is a wholesale printer located in "The City Beautiful" of Orlando, Florida.  We are not brokers, so everything is done in house

We welcome you to visit our location when in Orlando

Our address is

3804 N. John Young Pkwy

Orlando, FL  32804


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How to Always Print Things Perfectly Using Online Catalog Printing Services

In my experience, I’ve discovered that money will always be not enough in catalog printing. You may have a lot of big plans during the catalog printing procedure. Though, there is not enough cash to go around completing your plans. This article will teach you how to create your catalogs if you are doing it for the first Time and how can you complete your plans. As you read on, you will discover some important elements that a print catalog should have. These fundamentals should be properly completed and carried out to make your catalog printing succeed.
The first thing you must to undertake when creating your print catalog is to collect all the equipment you would require. Make sure you have arranged everything before you work on your design. In essence, the idea of design is composed of few images and graphic elements, and your main message. Therefore, the very basic step your really need to do is gather all the things that will help you build your design concept for your print catalog.
Keep in mind that your catalogs would shine if they have more pictures. On the other hand, your content should be brief yet engaging. As to your photos, it is really essential to choose pictures and images that would capture the interest of your viewers or images they can relate to. If taking pictures is not your cup of tea, there are professional photographers out there who could capture your photos/images for you.
As to the other design components of your catalog printing, it is important that you prepare them before starting on your design. The font types you would be using as well as your logo and other elements should be ready. Using a template could also help you come up with a great lay-out and design concept. Make sure you have everything with you to make the design stage a little more convenient and quicker.
When it comes to the text of your print catalog, make sure your equipments are free of any fault before you proceed to the design step. Check your content again and again for any mistake in grammar, punctuation or spellings. Make sure that your design is crafted smoothly and expediently. Furthermore, remember to write a short yet informative and heart touching content; something that is brief but convincing. Your point should sound light and conversational so you could effectively reach out to your customers.
With your materials all set, you can now go on with the design procedure. All these materials should be at hand when you start designing. The first step for you is to prepare an extraordinary lay-out. This is made possible by the pattern you have earlier chosen. Now, put in the pattern all the essentials that your design should need. See to it you provide space for your pictures and the accompanying information. Arrange them in a format that would be pleasant to the eyes. Once you’ve placed all your components, the successive step is to fine tune the design idea you have crafted. Incorporate the necessary borders. Don’t forget your fonts, logo and other symbols as well. To improve your pictures, images and graphic elements, you could use the suitable design software. Plus, make sure you proofread your content before you go on printing your catalogs.
Now that you are finished with your design theme and lay-out, it is time to print your catalogs. At this point, the basic step is to look for the best catalog printer. You’ll look for this printer by getting connected to the Net or going around your area. Once you‘ve chosen your printing company, don’t forget to give them your printing specifications to achieve the type of print catalog that you desire. Really, catalog printing can be easy and worry-free. Even beginners like you can make great catalogs come true!

Online Catalog Printing Services

Are you troubled that your online printing would not go as well as you thinking it should be? In this world, not every-things are perfect, and there are always fair chances that your online printing can turn awry. The trick really is to be careful when dealing with your designs and your online catalog printing company so that you can be sure that the chances of mistakes are minimized. In this guide I’ll instruct you how to do this. Below are a few tips on how to always print things perfectly using online services.

  1. Look for a reliable online catalog printing company. This is the key important thing that should help you make your printing perfect. Don’t just pick the first online printer you see after looking at the search engine. Try to choose wisely and check the quality, speed, and services of online printers. Look for the most reasonable printer with high quality sample prints and special customer service perks.
  1. Always check your designs again and again, now, perfection in online catalog print service means being paranoid with your design. Don’t just set your design off to the online catalog printing Services Company once you finish it. Do check your designs at least three times before giving the go ahead.
  2. Always check your content minimum two/three times. Always do three proofreading sessions of your draft, checking for spelling and grammar errors. You might even want to check the style, just in case you may want to change the whole approach of your content.
  3. Always choose the best printing options. Don’t use the standard printing options that your online printing company offers. Always adjust your options and choose the best items. Use the best paper materials, protective coatings, special inks and other configurations. Decide what is really best for your prints and your online printing should be more perfect.

Business print service or commercial catalog printing is considered as a one stop solution for all your printing requirements and all other printing tasks. After all, you only have about a small number of seconds to make a good impression to all your clients and customers so you need to make the most of it. With the many competitors in the market these days that are also vying for the interest and attention of your customers, no one will give a second look to your stuff if there is not worth looking at it.

For colored text and pictures in your print resources, advanced thermal ribbons are generally used. This print service is only available on experienced ad reliable printing companies such as the online printing company on the internet. These things are specially used for high quantity segment labeling process that you can commonly see on famous business products and services offered by large scale business establishment in the business world.

An important part of the business printing is making a quality self adhesive labels and print it for your services and products in the marketplace. These materials can be for anything from an empty adhesive address label to labels for some appliance and products.

Online Wholesale Printing Services

If you have done a lot of online printing, you should have occurred across things like print place coupons. If you have not yet seen these coupons, then I advise you listen up. In my times print materials for marketing, I was really excited when I exposed about online catalog printing coupons. First I tried out were print place coupons from the online printing company print place. These are just like usual coupons, but you can get them with just a click plus a simple password. It is all for free and you get a lot of benefits from them. Let us tell you the story of why these coupons are large and why you’d try to get them.

Easy to get another great thing about electronic catalog printing coupons is they are simple to get. A normal coupon that must be cut out, an electronic coupon of course is just incredible you click at you type in. By just clicking in the code, you instantly get that particular offer. It is that simple and you can simply order what you need with those coupon benefits immediately. You do not have to scour magazines or be watchful at monitoring everything at all. Now do a search on the Internet and the catalog printing company website and get the coupons instantly.
Great contract to be had first of course are the fact that coupons give you great deals. It is as easy and directly forward as that. Online catalog printing will give you a lot of savings in terms of outright discounted printing costs as well as other types of great deals such as wholesale printing discounts, free services, free help or the use of exacting resources in printing. There are a lot of great contract that pop out, and in most cases there are specific contract that will benefit your only printing. So do not miss the chance of getting a great deal in online printing. Look for some print place voucher or other printing coupons and see if they can give you the deal you require.

So you don’t have to be afraid of the quality of printing even if you see big discount coupons. All wholesale printing companies’ use them, and you can be rest guaranteed that if you pick well, the company you choose with its vouchers are giving you the best offer with the best printing quality.
Offered by great printers now, another thing you should know about online catalog printing coupons is that several businesses do offer them. You may think that only the mediocre printing companies give those away for advertising leverage, but in fact everyone is doing it. Catalog printing companies big or small offer electronic coupons because it is a very competitive situation.
There are always new coupons finally; the great thing about electronic coupons is that there are always new coupons regularly. Most wholesale printing companies do not run out of these vouchers/coupons. They offered from time to time monthly or seasonally with allegiance programs. So you’ll always have a chance to get great contract. You just require watching out for them. Time you are printing wisely and you’ll get the best prices for your printing.

So now you know why online coupons for printing are great. Try to see if you can get some Print place coupons now! You never know what great deals you can get from them.

Orlando Catalog Printing Services - Tips to Get the Best Catalog

There are a number of companies and industries that are still using catalogs to promote their products and services; this system succeeds if the catalog printing was done properly. There are different marketing methods that are used these days, catalog printing will forever be the best way any industry can use to promote their products.
When you are doing catalog printing, be careful that the content you’ll put in your catalog should be small, simple and related. You should try as much as possible to keep away from using fancy words and keep your texts at a shortest, this will be absolutely very easily and you’ll avoid high bounce rate. Your descriptions of products must also be able to explain the products the way they are and use short sentences to describe your products.

A new business will want to advertise a grand opening, companies will require business letters for meetings, and a small business may need flyers to advertise an in store special. No matter what the reason, looking for Orlando printing services is the way to help with each one of these conditions. Orlando printing services can make business cards tell your story your brochures come alive, and presentations pop with personality. No problem if you need a gross of business cards or have an urgent meeting with your corporate offices a great printing service will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

Orlando printing services are able to take your ideas and make them into reality. They will be able to provide excellent turn around ensuring you have your printed materials when you need them. Business forms, letters, business cards, brochures, and flyers are done with the greatest care and quality. Your business is important to a good printing service, and they know that your satisfaction will mean more business for them.

Orlando business cards are printed on higher quality paper and can be produced in many different sketches. Your business cards can be printed in multiple colors and thicknesses of paper. You can order them die cut and even have them fold able. Your business card says a lot about you and your business and only a good printing service will do this for you.
Vinyl banners are done to the highest standards to draw crowds at any indoor or outdoor events: Advertise in large print with these banners that come in many different sizes. Printed brochures will get your message to the masses with the brightest colors and the best font that will be eye catching to anyone. Services may include bookmarks, calendars, CD packages, collector cards, DVD covers, tent cards, Rolodex, catalogs and much more. When looking for printing services you may find you can get special pricing for needing many services. When you do find an Orlando print service you are comfortable with, they will be happy to provide all your business needs.

You can do these things on your own, while you’ll find the price of gas traveling, paying a corner print shop service, not to mention, the time involved, that hiring a printing service is worth the investment. Many companies pay an exorbitant amount on in house printing; again it would be less expensive to hire a printing service. This takes the worry out of your hands, and you can be assured the quality is worth it in the end.

Advantages of Appointing Fast Printing Services at Your Organization

If you run a company and are looking for the best way to market your goods or services and similar printed equipments can be very beneficial. However, the printing procedure can become complex with several steps involved between the early design and finished product that require careful management between the customer and the printing company. This procedure can become dull and time consuming and those unfamiliar with the printing company may not find the mainly cost effective solutions. An experienced broker has the skill within the printing company to find the best products and services among the printing industries to accomplish your printing needs within your budget.

An advantage of a printing broker is that they simplify the printing procedure and help their customer refine the details of their project. They will meet with the client for a conversation in which the goals of the project and the design of the final product will be discussed. In discussing the information, they also assist with requirement optimization that involves making amendment that comprise the size and paper type to help their customers get the most out of their selected budget and refine their template for more well-organized and cost effective results. By optimizing the original design, printing agent help streamline the planning process for their customer and get the projects prepared before dealing with any printing industry.

One more advantage of a print broker is that they elicit the print service of the company to complete your project so your time can stay dedicated to your company. Once the details of the project have been decided between the agent and the customer, the print agent then finds a printing company who has the resources to do the project within the allotted budget and manages the interaction between the printer and the client. They usually have partnership with printers in different places of the bazaar, allowing them to contract the best available printers and coordinate the services with contract analysis, achievement, and continued consultation to make cost effective adjustments if required. By organization the major interactions between the customer and printer, printing agent save their customers the trouble of dealing with a specialized industry so they can devote their time to running their own businesses effectively.

While print brokers do not actually do the printing and act more as liaisons between the customer and the printer, they are helpful for their expertise to make more efficient the procedure, keeping businesses from spending too much time securing printing services, and saving their clients money on print service. Print agents can get very low prices because print companies know they are competing with others for their business and the brokers know the industry well enough to make changes to the project to save even more on costs as it progresses. The advantages of secure print service through an agent allow companies to find the best and very cost effective print solutions as their clients continue to run their businesses without getting wrapped up in the process with a print company.

Printing Company

Today there is a lot of competition out there; therefore to be the best you need to get the services from the best. Focusing over the topic, aesthetics is something which can never be ignored especially when it is related to business promotion or some kind of marketing strategy. A customer would never be attracted to some boring, less attractive material therefore the promotion in the form of brochures, catalogs, banners etc. should be done in such a way that it is able to gather maximum of the target audience.

How good the color scheme be used, or how funky the font be, the key element that decides how attractive your work will be is the “printing agency’s effort”, there are many people who do provide you with such facilities but the best in the market currently has to be Alpha Press, Inc.(www.apiprint.net), this company which consists of a team of experienced and professional members makes sure that they are able to deliver exactly what you have in mind. Whether it be some kind of business card or a letterhead or as said earlier some brochures and catalogs, you just name it and they will produce it. Their motto is that “if you can get something on a paper we can print it”.

Secondly as this company understands the importance of aesthetic appearance, they can also provide their customers with high quality logos or customize different catalogs and brochures. The art department which Alpha Press, Inc.(www.apiprint.net) possesses has won many awards, that proves its effectiveness and why you should prefer this company for printing purpose rather than some other company.

The best part about Alpha Press is that they have not started this work to earn a lot of dollars but to provide their users with the best assistance they could ever had imagines, it is also this reason why the staff that is present at this company is so friendly and no customer have ever come across any kind of attitude problem from them. With a company that ask for least payments and gives you in return the work from the best printer present anywhere in this globe, what more could a customer demand?.

Finally Alpha Press, Inc.(www.apiprint.net) also provide their customers with complete guarantee that they shall help him or her out until they are satisfied with the work which they did. No company provides such incentives apart from Alpha Press, Inc.(www.apiprint.net).
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